The Myth of The Manawell

Balasar's Journal 2

What a day it has been. First we have to fight the princess Celestia, or should I say, the Celestia imposter. This is because the princess Celestia turned out to be this thing called a Drow. I had no idea what a Drow was but the way Arranis acted as soon as she turned into the Drow I could tell that they were a big deal. Princess Luna took the liberty of examining the body for any evidence or clues to where the real Luna could be. Luna found a vial of inky black stuff, which pinged me as something evil but not extremely evil. We determined that it was a poison and under the cap was a map and schedule of the changing of the guard of Luna’s room. It was obvious the imposter was an assassin meant to kill the Princess Luna. The other item that was found was a purple prism. It didn’t look like much but apparently there is a purple trail if you look through it. Luna told us there would be a lockdown until the morning then she would have tasks for us.

In the morning we met with Luna she told us each that there are four tasks for the upcoming battle. I was to train the militia so that they would be somewhat prepared for the battle, no matter how ill equipped they would be. I went with the Princess Luna to the training area, she gave an inspiring speech about the battle ahead and introduced me as their trainer.

I was given four practice dummies each donned in a different armor. Cloth, leather, chain, and plate. I showed the militia how to attack each armor showing them the weak points of each. I then proceeded with Luna’s help to show them how to take and block hits, and then I wrapped up the training with some hand to hand combat. Just in case their swords were knocked out of their hands.

After the training I was given a standard, and was asked to carry it into battle tomorrow with them. I said that it would be an honor to do so. Luna escorted me back into the main room where we met earlier in the day. Arranis and the bard were already there and we had a quick discussion. After said discussion Daye arrived from her task of finding, and hopefully rescuing the princess Celestia. Which she did, but the princess was scarred and LUna was horrified at that. She quickly dismissed Celestia to her room and told her not to let anyone see her. Luna asked me to see what I could do to heal her I obliged. Once I arrived back with the group we had a pow wow about the day ahead.



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