The Myth of The Manawell

Daye's Journal, 3rd Shot

*gasp* da Fuq?

Daye’s Journal 2

Elves are interesting. Some are what like you hear: prancy, annoying, obnoxious, goody-two-shoes, and the like. But others are deeper than that: strong, ambitious with an iron will. Which I respect. Not saying I like this place or anything, but I have to admit I have some respect for Luna and Celestia. Especially Celestia. I have to give her some major credit; I thought when I was sent to rescue her that I would be dealing with a whiny, untrained nuisance. But no, I mean yeah she was crying a bit but given the circumstances I guess most anyone would give her a little leeway on that. Having been tortured and kept from her family with the very real prospect of death and what have you. But she bore it. I asked her to keep quiet and she soldiered through; didn’t once cry or anything on the way back to her home. I really didn’t expect that. People really can surprise you. Kind of like that cleric. By rights he should have killed me, but he didn’t and gave me this second chance. What is with people? People aren’t supposed to care; they aren’t supposed to do for others. Power has always been what’s important. With power, people respect you; or at least, they fear you. Which is better than nothing. But it seems like respect is a lot more powerful than fear. And helping others has a power all its own. I mean, apparently people really respect those that help others. I still think the paladin is insane for his fanatical following of whatever laws are at hand and his do-gooder nature. But at the same time, Luna is a kindred spirit to him, and if I respect her, should I not also respect Belasar? And Minnathena, she doesn’t have that fanatical annoying crazy of following every single law, but is she also not deserving of respect? She helps others; she always boosts us in combat, and rallies us every day.

And you know, Something is different. Normally I’d be laughing at the weaker, inferior beings that are being trampled and destroyed by more powerful ones. But I don’t feel like laughing here. This just feels wrong. Donnelith should be stopped; moreover, that Drider needs put down. Her ilk has no place on my plane. I’m just glad I wasn’t caught when I snuck into the encampment to rescue Celestia. And it’s a good thing I was there too, I found out a lot of good information. I’m going to have to make sure Luna and Belasar, Minnathena, and Arannis know what I saw and heard. We need to strike before Donnelith moves the camp again; which I wouldn’t put past him once he discovers the Princess missing.

The Dark One is not happy with me. The nightmares are getting worse. Apparently, he is not happy with how I’m using his gift. Of course, I didn’t know it was from him to begin with, but I’ll will use it how I will. I am not going to attack good people just because it would amuse him. I am worried though. If the nightmares get much worse, I fear for my safety; and the safety of my party. The Dark One does not appreciate those who turn their back on him. I must keep alert.

Maybe I can earn this power of respect.

Blood of Blood in Seal, I trace.



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