The Myth of The Manawell

Daye's Journal

This is ridiculous. That damn bard almost ruined everything. I’m lucky that meat shield of Bahamut hasn’t tried to kill me as a result. Not only did the bard (Minathenna, I think?) steal key ingredients that I had to spend good gold on, but she ended up getting herself poisoned in the process because she was too stupid to not get caught. Nearly got all of us killed, she did. I was able to blast one of the assassins out of the window thankfully and then killed the other one after the bard passed out. Though I’ll admit she did help knock them down a bit. But all was not lost, I was able to find some gold on the one doppelganger as recompense. And I got to save the bard in the bargin. Heh. She’ll owe me later. But because she couldn’t not get caught, we had to go deal with James; bastard didn’t trust me. Not that I really blame him. Had to beat the information out of him, and his bloody imp. We almost didn’t get the information in time though. But thanks to the screwyness of the Manawell(which is REAL; would have never thought… If only I could find a way to control it or steal some of its power…) we arrived just in time to watch the ritual go horribly awry. The Lord was not happy. But I was able to help ‘stop’ the ritual and kill the abominations without retribution from Asmodeus. I even earned a few points with the Bahamut’s blundering ‘paladin’. Almost lost a lot though when they all realized that I had been hiding the magic rod from them. I need to be more careful with its use in the future though; the paladin claims it’s evil and I can’t risk angering him or being forced to kill him. I’ll unfortunately need everyone in this motley gang to get to the Manawell.

It was an eventful night, but at least I got some bloody sleep eventually. This book that I got from the 4 Eyes is useless so far. But maybe I can glean some useful information from it in the future. I need to be more careful in the future though. I can’t afford any distractions or hindrances. Nor can I ill afford to have anyone interfere.

“Blood of Blood in seal, I trace”


obviously this is Daye’s private journal >_>

Daye's Journal

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