The Myth of The Manawell

Those lackadaisical Mages..... And The Drow are real!!!

Well, when we went to speak to Celestia, she attacked us and we actually had to fight her. Right as the fight was going bad for her she slit her own throat. As she died, the person we thought was Celestia suddenly transformed. This person was actually a Drow disguised as her. I tried to tell people that Drow existed, but no one would believe me. But now there’s PROOF!!!
Since we found out it wasn’t Celestia we knew we had to find her and our best guess was with the Rebels. This apparently was all the motivation Luna was looking for. Luna announced a Plan to officially attack the Rebels. She declared that we’re no longer playing defense.
She told us personally that before this attack, she had Missions for me and my Companions to complete. Daye was to play the Sneak and go to the Rebel camp and retrieve Celestia if possible. Perfect for her. Balasar was to Go and train the Troops in the City. Again, a perfect job for him. Minnethena was asked to use her relationship to her Father in order to convince her Father’s retired Military friend to come and serve with Luna for this engagement. With his past this man would be perfect to advise us on engaging an enemy working from or with the Shadowfell. And I was charged with the task of bringing to bear the Magisters that called this forest home, but stand idly by while it is being attacked. I made my way quickly to what these People called the Grove of Tranquility. There I addressed the Leader of the magic users and through wit and displays of magic I convinced these Mages and Wizards that the balance they preciously loved was off and that in order to restore it they needed to act. I convinced the leader and who knows how many others to help. I did as well as could be expected. I reported back to Princess Luna alongside the others. Apparently everyone was successful in their mission. For my success I was rewarded with these cloth bracers that allow me to Channel my Mental Might into a weapon strike. Remarkable. I shall have to write this and the rewards for my compatriots into the Tome for the Great Library.



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