Welcome to The Myth of The Manawell!

This is the homepage for our 4th Edition D&D game, “The Myth of The Manawell”.

Any important information will probably be posted either here or an Adventure Log Post. Please, read though the Wiki and look up information that relates to your characters. If you feel that a page is missing something, or rather a something deserves a whole page; you can either tell me or make it yourself!

Now, you guys have a choice. You can, if you want, upload your characters directly onto this site. That would be helpful to me, as then I would know your stats for writing the next session. But, if you don’t want to, that’s fine.

Regardless though, all of you do need to at least make your character a wiki page. To do this, click the “Characters” tab, then click the “Create New Character” button. Fill out the information there (using the drop down box to select a type of character sheet if you’re uploading the whole thing). I require at least some basic background upon your characters by the session on Saturday. This isn’t WOD, so I’m not demanding multiple pages. For now, if you want to take it slow, just give me a name, where you’re from, motivation and basic description. More is of course appreciated, and will eventually be required. Thanks!

So, here’s how note-taking for NPC’s will be handled. When you guys meet an plot important NPC, I’ll make a bare-bones Character page for them. It’ll basically just have like Name, Race, and why they were important (“told you to go find the thing for dudeguy”). Then filling in other things is up to you guys. Speculation/Confirmation on the NPC’s Abilities, Items, Powers or other “Game” information should go inside the “Crunch” box. Things about their personalities, quirks, funny quotes and other “Character” information goes in the “Fluff” box. Cool?

The Myth of The Manawell

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