The Myth of The Manawell

Daye's Journal, Round 2

Mario, anyone?

Blasted elves and their confunding ways. The Queen Mother can’t seem to keep proper track of her daughters. Celestia (whatever…) has apparently either been killed or kidnapped since we have discovered an odd type/color of elf to have been taking her place. Bastard cut his own throat when he was found out too. That’s dedication. This probably has something to do with this rebel named Donnelith. I still wish to meet him to discover who gave him/how he received these powers. But, I didn’t realize elves were so easiely swayed; this is information I might be able to use in the future. At least my rag=tag band of adventurers was able to perform tasks asked of us by Luna and her mother. I’m doing my good deeds much easier than before. However, I feel we only succeeded due to my quick-thinking and good aim. Gold always loosens the tongue where nothing else will, I’ve found. Which is why it’s always a good thing to have some excess gold laying about at times. It is curious though how much information that the Elves seem to just freely hand out. It’s like they trust too much. Oh well, I’ll still help them, after all; they are helping us in return. I have to say though, Luna is militant uptight bitch-ish. My merry band of do-gooders are still quite annoying for the most part. I can hardly tolerate the preaching of the lizard boy scout or the ineptitude of that bard. The wizard isn’t too bad; but, he is still a wizard after all.

I have this strange suspicion we will have to search out this missing princess… I suddenly feel as if we need a couple of plumbers. It’s the oddest feeling, really.

Blood of Blood in Seal, I trace.



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